Income Tax Preparation

We are a full-service, year-round income tax preparation company who specialize in Federal and State Tax Preparation for individuals and businesses.

With the ongoing change wheel of tax regulations , preparing a simple tax return may be complicated.

For our first time client, we offer a free consultation to review their 3 last tax returns and more than 50% of the time we find mistakes and credits that they were eligible for but never given.

We aim to correct errors we find and help clients get back in good standing with the IRS.

When the mainstream Tax Preparation offices close for the year, count on us. We are open all year round and easy to contact for help.

We are dedicated to getting you the maximum refund that you deserve while still remaining true to the Tax Code.

We’re OPEN all year round! If any problems or questions arise AFTER the tax season, we are right there with you to guide you through. We’re here when you need us most!

Do not hesitate to contact us at 347-947-4500 with any questions you might have on tax preparations, we are here to help walk you through this process.