Self Employment Tax: What You Need to Do to Avoid Problems


Self Employment Tax: What You Need to Do to Avoid Problems

Payment of taxes for self-employed individuals is not the same as it is for employees. If you work on your…

Jun, 24 | admin_SCL

The Best Tips for Tax Preparation – 2020 (Updated)

Taxes are a fact of life, and we are taught from an early age that we all have to pay…

Nov, 14 | admin_SCL

Tax Reduction Strategies – How to Reduce Your Taxable Income?

Tax reduction is a common concern for the average consumer and business owner alike. While everyone shares the same responsibility…

Oct, 01 | admin_SCL

Tax Planning Strategies

SCL Tax Services wants to help you save time and money during the upcoming tax season. You don’t want your…

Sep, 01 | admin_SCL

Tax Resolution Scam Protection Tips

Tax resolution scams are a constant threat for those attempting to alleviate their IRS problems. Getting in trouble with the…

Aug, 15 | admin_SCL

How New IRS Laws Could Affect a Small Business Like Yours

If you are a small business owner, you are responsible for filing your taxes by a specific due date each…

Feb, 26 | admin_SCL

Tax Preparation: Are You Ready for Tax Season?

Tax season will be here before you know it. So that you don’t incur a penalty, it helps to be…

Jan, 22 | admin_SCL

Client Portal Login Access Information

If you are a client of SCL Tax Services, you can log in to the “Client Portal” link: through…

Jan, 17 | admin_SCL

How Does Divorce Affect Taxes?

The IRS has changed the tax laws and rules that relate to divorce and separation. If you are divorced or…

Nov, 29 | admin_SCL

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