Tax Tips for Second-Home Owners


Tax Tips for Second-Home Owners

Owning a second home can be a fantastic method to enjoy a vacation property or generate rental income. Still, it’s…

Mar, 09 | John B.

What Is the Social Security Tax?

Social Security Tax is for employers and employees to finance the Social Security Program in the United States. The Social…

Dec, 15 | John B.

Be Aware of Tax Issues Caused by Making a Family Loan

Family loans can help and support family members, but it is crucial to be careful about potential tax implications. Informal…

Nov, 24 | John B.

Separate Your Personal & Business Finances

Business and personal funds are two different things. Many small businesses make the mistake of keeping both the funds in…

Jul, 07 | John B.

Taxes on gifts: Is It Necessary?

Gift tax is an issue that sometimes involves paperwork for some people. It is a kind of federal tax that…

Jun, 30 | John B.

US Citizens Living Abroad & Taxes

Taxes are still a factor to think about if you’re a US citizen living abroad, even though you might think…

May, 19 | John B.

RMD Deadlines for Those Reaching Age 72 in 2021

The script has flipped for investors entering their seventies after decades of putting money away in tax-advantaged retirement accounts. Uncle…

Mar, 24 | John B.

How Your Lottery Winnings Are Taxed

Played the lottery and won big? You’re probably wondering how you’ll spend all that money. However, Uncle Sam will want…

Mar, 10 | John B.

How Are Unemployment Benefits Taxed?

Federal and state income taxes apply to unemployment benefits, but the process isn’t always straightforward. In this article, we at…

Feb, 03 | John B

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