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SCL Tax Services is not the average tax office in & near Bronx, NY; we work all year round. We are a small family owned business, so we treat our clients like family and we take pride in making sure our clients are taken care of.

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In our experience, receiving notices from any of the taxing authorities is nerve wrecking and not having someone to go to and explaining what is going on is even worse. We are always a helping hand when anything is received from the taxing authorities, this is what sets us apart from most.
Our tax professionals in & near Bronx, NY always make sure to explain each and every tax and process to a client, whether new or returning. We feel like educating our clients, opening their eyes to bigger pictures, to new tax strategies, to new potential. We do not punch numbers in and walk away. This is the reason why you will choose our tax professionals SCL Tax Services In & Near Bronx, NY as your tax firm. We provide tax help to clients in & near the Bronx by experienced tax professionals.

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Our Tax professionals In & Near Bronx, NY are here to help you with your tax preparation, tax resolution, accounting, bookkeeping, income and business taxes, payroll, tax refund, and many more tax-related services.

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About Our Tax Professionals

Our Enrolled Agent in SCL Tax Services in & Near Bronx, NY

Susan Letizia

Enrolled Agent

Susan is the main accountant and has been practicing accountancy and preparing tax returns for over 15 years. Having majored in Accounting at NYU, she is highly skilled with a plethora of knowledge in preparing individual, small business, corporate, s-corp, partnership, and non-profit tax returns.
She is an Enrolled Agent (EA) which means she can represent you before the IRS in any tax matter. She has represented hundreds of taxpayers before the IRS, as an enrolled agent with a proven track record of being relentless when it comes to negotiating for her clients. Susan is a Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA), Health Insurance Agent and a member of the NAEA (National Association of Enrolled Agents). She holds the highest credential awards by the IRS.
Susan thinks outside the box. With her creative mind and understanding of the tax codes, she is able to advise her clients on ways to do business, on ways to save in taxes and on ways to save for the future.
In 2003, Susan opened SCL Tax Services In & Near Bronx with a mission to treat every client that walks in her door like family.



Our Tax Preparer in SCL Tax Services in & Near Bronx, NY

Thomas Letizia

Tax Preparer

Thomas has been a tax practitioner for over 5 years. He started Bronx SCL Tax Services with Susan as a co-owner of the business. His years of dedication to his clients helped grow the business to the success it is today. Thomas is a tax professional and business consultant who is committed to helping every client that comes into the office. Thomas has extensive expertise in payroll and QuickNooks, and is an IRS Annual Season Filing Program participant.


Our Tax professional in SCL Tax Services in & Near Bronx, NY

Stephanie Bonilla

Junior Accountant
Tax Professional

Stephanie holds an integral role at SCL. She is the first person you speak to and the person who most likely walks you through any of the processes. She is a great tax practitioner; her diligent work shows in how she handles all her tax returns, from the simplest ones to the more difficult ones.
She is also the inhouse bookkeeper and the first step of the ladder when it comes to preparing business tax returns.
She runs all the payroll here at SCL, as well. We have multiple clients who have entrusted her with such a delicate service. Stephanie is Quickbooks Certified and an IRS Annual Season Filing Program participant. She studied Accounting and Bookkeeping at the College of Westchester and is a member of the AIPB (American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers).
Stephanie started at SCL nearly 6 years ago and has grown so much into the position that she truly loves.
Because we treat our clients like family and want the best, we find ourselves going far beyond the call of a tax practitioner. We make sure that we assess everything meticulously.


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