IRS Mileage Rates And Gas Prices Increase

Due to different reasons that we will mention later, gas prices are increasing, and this leads to mileage rate changes….

Jun, 23 | John B.

Military Tax Filing While Serving Overseas

The tax laws and regulations in the US are not clear enough, and they pose more difficulties for the armed…

Jun, 16 | John B.

How To Get Your IRS Tax Refund ASAP

Getting a tax refund makes taxpayers happy. If you happened to overpay your taxes last year, it is possible to…

Jun, 09 | John B.

How to Receive a Charitable Tax Deductions

A tax-deductible donation is a contribution of money or goods to a tax-exempt organization, such as a charity. Contributions can…

Jun, 02 | John B.

The FBAR (Foreign Bank & Financial Account Reporting)

It’s well-known that Americans living abroad should file US tax returns, but requirements such as filing FBARs are often overlooked….

May, 26 | John B.

US Citizens Living Abroad & Taxes

Taxes are still a factor to think about if you’re a US citizen living abroad, even though you might think…

May, 19 | John B.

Taxes in Retirement Guide

The kind of taxes you pay while you are employed will change after you retire from your full-time job or…

May, 12 | John B.

Which Tax Records Should You Keep?

The IRS is busy with many unprocessed documents these days, and it wants the taxpayers to make electronic filing of…

May, 05 | John B.

What Is a Solo 401(k)?

You need to look into the solo 401(k) if you’re self-employed and wish to save for retirement, or even if…

Apr, 28 | John B.

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