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Tax Deadlines in 2024: Important Tax Dates and Deadlines

At SCL Tax Services, we understand the critical importance of tax deadlines in 2024 and key dates for both individuals and businesses. As tax professionals, we take our obligation seriously to provide comprehensive tax services, ensuring clients meet all rules and deadlines, including the tax deadline in 2024. Here, we will enumerate the dates and deadlines for your annual taxes to start with, and the services that will help you avoid making any mistakes during these crucial periods.

Complete Guide to Tax Deadlines in 2024: Important Dates You Need to Get Familiar With

Tax Deadlines in 2024

Here is a summary of tax deadlines in 2024 for various months throughout the year:


  • February 12: January 2024 tips given to the employer.
  • February 15: Fill in Form W-4 to exclude withholding for 2024 (if qualified).

If you are not subject to income tax withholding in 2023, and you wish this exemption to be in place for 2024, you must send a new W-4 form and your employer accordingly with these conditions being met.


  • March 1: To stay away from the penalty in the 2023 tax return, farmers and fishermen submit their estimated tax by January if they haven’t paid yet.
  • March 11: Submission of tips for February 2024 to employer.
  • March 15: S-corporations and partnerships file business tax return in 2023.


March has only three tax deadlines. The first one deals with wine growers and fishermen that fail to make their estimated tax payment of January. Second deadline is for s-Corporations and partnerships, and third is for monthly tip reporting.


    • April 1: First, individuals who turned 73 in 2023 were required to take the minimum distributions (RMD).
    • April 10: Submission of tips for March 2024 to employer.
  • April 15:
    • File your tax return 2023 and pay the tax you have to pay.
    • File Form 4868 to request the extension of paperwork filing up to 6 months (non-payment of tax).
    • File H of Form Schedule H (1040) and pay regular taxes for household employees.
    • An estimated tax payment for 1st quarter of 2024.
    • Contribute to IRS for 2023.
    • Withdraw excess IRS contributions in 2023.
    • Accelerate or maximize all IRS contributions in 2023.
    • Contribute to the 2023 HSA.
    • Participate in a solo 401(k) or SEP plan for 2023 (if the deadline for filing form 1040 was not extended).
    • File 2020 tax return for the purpose of applying for an unclaimed tax refund of 2020 tax year.

April is a very crucial time for tax preparations. Everyone except those who request for a six-month extension will file their 2023 tax returns by April 15, 2023. Household workers have run off till April 15 to submit Schedule H and pay taxes reportedly.

April 15 is also the final IRS or HSA contribution for the year. Furthermore, in contrast to this, self-employed individuals need to make a 401(k) or SEP contribution by this day. However, any excess contribution in 2023 should have been withdrawn by April 15.

For individuals over 73 of age to avail the benefit of taking the required minimum distribution from their traditional IRSs and 401(k) accounts, the deadline for them to perform this is on April 1 of 2023.

Tax Deadlines in 2024


  • May 10: Tips for April 2024 reported to employer (Form 4070).

If you received tips in April, then you need to be only concerned about filing for taxes in May. On the other hand, if you got a low of $20 tips from a single employer in April, you ought to be less worried about the deadline.


  • June 10: Tips for May 2024 reported to employer.
  • June 17: 
    • Estimated tax payment for the second quarter of 2024.
    • Americans residing and working in other countries do their annual tax returns for 2023.
    • The Form 4868 is filled by U.S. Taxpayers who reside in another country for the purpose of IRS extension (payment of tax not extended).
    • Active-duty military personnel outside the United States file the 2023 tax return.
    • Military personnel on duty outside the U.S. file Form 4868 to request a 4-month income tax return filing extension (payment of tax not extended).


Citizens and military personnel who are residing or employed outside the U.S. have up until the 17th of June to carry out their 2023 tax returns. Furthermore, for the second quarter of 2024 estimated tax payments are also due on June 17.


  • July 10: Tips for June 2024 reported to employer.


July is a quiet month for tax deadlines. You only need to pay attention to this deadline if you received tips in June. The $20 threshold per employer is still applicable.


  • August 12: Tips for July 2024 reported to employer.


Because August 10 is  Saturday, the date for reporting tips which were uploaded in July is extended to August 12.


  • September 10: Tips for August 2024 reported to employer.
  • September 16: Estimated tax payment for 3rd quarter of 2024.


Employees shall apprise their employers about their tips earning for August by September 10. Moreover, estimated tax payments for the third quarter of 2024 are due by September 16.


    • October 10: Tips for September 2024 reported to employer.
  • October 15:
    • File an extended tax return for the 2023 tax year (Form 1040).
    • Take out the extra IRS contributions in 2023.
    • Self-employed persons who have been granted a filing extension may put some of their money into a solo 401(k) plan or simplified employee pension (SEP) plan for 2023 tax year.


Most deadlines of October are mainly for those who filed their taxes on extension for 6 months. If this is you, please file your tax statements by October 15 that you won’t have penalties.

Further, certain taxpayers with filing extensions expiring on the same dates may also have an option to contribute to or withdraw from certain accounts.


  • November 12: Tips for October 2024 reported to employer.


If your tips exceed $20 by the end of October you must notify your employer by November 12, 2024.


  • December 10: Tips for November 2024 reported to employer.
  • December 31: Contribution of 2024 employer sponsored retirement plan.
  • December 31: RMD provision for individuals aged 74 or older at the end of the 2024 year.


There are plenty of tax deadlines in the December month. First of all, it’s the end-of-the-year when I should fill out the employer-sponsored tax Saver plans like a 401(k) . Also if it’s not your first year then in addition you have to make your required minimum distribution (RMD) by the end of the year.


Staying Ahead of Tax Deadlines in 2024 with SCL Tax Services

Keeping the tax deadlines in 2024 in mind is a very important part of efficient tax preparation, especially when it comes to business taxes and tax accounting. At SCL Tax Services, we underline the value of being informed on the crucial dates and deadlines to achieve the requirements and avoid penalties. Whether it’s preparing W2 form, paying out estimated taxes or saving towards retirement, the deadline should be regarded with maximum importance. Trust tax professionals at SCL Tax Services in and near the Bronx to deliver professional bookkeeping services and tax accounting for the full year in order to enable you to confidently tackle the complicated world of taxes. Call us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the deadline to file 2023 tax returns?

The individual due date to file 2023 tax returns is set for April, 15, in 2024. This deadline, however, will be situation-dependent and may include the possibility of extensions.


What is the deadline for making estimated tax payments in 2024?

Tax estimate for the first quarter of 2024 was paid on April 15, second quarter on June 17, third quarter on September 16 and the last one on January 15 of 2025, respectively.


When can I contribute to my IRS or HSA for the 2023 tax year?

Individuals contributing to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or a Health Savings Account (HSA) have until April 15, 2024 to do so for the 2023 tax year.


What are the consequences of missing tax deadlines?

Failing to meet the tax deadlines can lead to fines, additional interest charges, and a number of other unwanted financial consequences. It is necessary to keep track of the deadlines and make sure that taxes are filed on time to evade these difficulties.


Is there a deadline extension for certain taxpayers?

Of course, yes, some taxpayers can benefit from extensions of deadlines, for instance, those on duty in the military or living in a different country. Moreover, extensions may be given for particular form or reason if your request is granted.

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