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Tax Services Costs In & Near Bronx

Affordable Tax Services Costs
In & Near Bronx, NY

Since at SCL Tax Services, we are a small family business, we are not shackled to the industry’s norm.

Larger firms do business taxes, too, but we genuinely take the time to know you, understand your specific financial situation, and offer personalized tax services in keeping with your unique needs.

Our tax services fee In & Near Bronx, NY might be a bit more than most tax firms out there, but the information and education passed on will be worth it.

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Tax Preparation: Individual

Ranges from simple to complicated. $125-$750

Short to Long Forms. $125-$250

We bill by forms filled out.


One w2. $125
Two w2s one dependent under age 16 and Earned Income Tax Credit: $200- $250

Corporate and Partnership Tax Returns

Tax Services Costs also vary depending on the complexity.

Our minimum charge for a corporate tax return is $650

They can range from $650 to $1000

Corporate tax returns and bookkeeping go hand in hand.

For more details on tax services costs in & near Bronx, NY or to discuss what your unique tax preparation needs are, feel free to give our tax office a quick call.

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We are here to relieve you of the tax pressure by offering a wide range of Tax Services In & Near Bronx, NY. If you need expert advice or need us to complete your taxes, we will provide it for you. We know you work hard, so we work hard to serve your needs.

Your time is valuable, which is why we are here for you.
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