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Any tax client who receives a notice or bill from any of the taxing authorities finds themselves needing resolution.Tax related issues need timely addressal. If you are facing IRS or tax issues, you should never ignore them. Tax resolution is the practice of helping clients correct any fraudulent or understated tax returns. If ignored or delayed, such issues can get worse and lead to heavy penalties and interest fees. Since tax issues are complicated problems, you cannot deal with them on your own. To have your tax problems resolved and get tax relief, you should seek the expert help of a tax resolution service.At SCL Tax Services, we offer expert tax resolution for a variety of clients. Our services range from helping clients reply to the notices that have simpler solutions to other clients that have bigger cases that require more attention to details. Reach out to our tax professionals, and we will help you deal with your specific tax problems in an effective manner.

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How SCL Helps You

We help clients who just need to file returns. Sometimes there are life events that prevent someone from filing their returns. We help clients who have mistakenly missed reporting income, creating an under-reporter notice. This is a case of just amending the tax return and including the income.

We help clients who have filed all returns correctly, but did not include maybe a sale of a HOME or a Cancellation of Debt. Events like these create large bills with the taxing authorities if not reported on your income tax.

We also aid clients who have tax liens and need to have them removed. There are plenty of rules within the IRS and state taxing authorities that can be used to help employees who live paycheck to paycheck and have tax liens on bank accounts, wages and properties. Removing a tax lien and or levy, means assessing what the client has going on, the clients income and outgoing expenses and if the client can survive with what would be taken if the lien is satisfied.

There could also be penalties for a balance owed that can be waived, saving potential clients money. To waive penalties, clients have to have a great history with the IRS, all timely filed returns, must be a model citizen and have a reasonable reason why the balance was due and the reason for not being able to pay the penalties.

Our tax resolution services first aim to offer you a sound understanding of the whole situation at hand. After the analysis, our tax professionals devise an effective strategy to minimize the debt as much as possible.

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If you have received tax notices from the IRS or the state taxing agency, do not let them scare you. There are many ways to help a client resolve a tax issue, but most are not aware. Whether you are facing tax return issues, IRS back taxes, bankruptcy, IRS audit representation or payroll tax issues, give our office in the Bronx, NY, a phone call for a free consultation for 15 minutes. We possess ample experience in dealing with a wide range of tax issues while keeping the costs down.

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