Mega Millions Jackpot Tax: What is It?

When someone wins a Mega Millions Jackpot, he or she is not the only winner. There are two other entities…

Sep, 29 | John B.

Energy Tax Credit: Which Home Improvements Qualify?

The Inflation Reduction Act had many changes for green incentives. One of the modifications was for the EV tax credit…

Sep, 22 | John B.

In 2022, Educators Can Deduct Up to $300 In Expenses

The IRS has good news for teachers and educators planning for 2022; they can deduct $300 as classroom expenses when…

Sep, 15 | John B.

How to File a Final Tax Return for Someone Who Has Passed Away?

When someone passes away, it’s the executor’s responsibility to file the state and federal income tax returns for the year…

Sep, 08 | John B.

New York State Tax Guide

The tax rates in the US vary from one state to another. Compared to other states, the tax rates in…

Sep, 01 | John B.

When Do Small Businesses Have to File Taxes?

You have various responsibilities as a business owner, and those duties never end. When you’re busy, it’s easy to miss…

Aug, 25 | John B.

Truck Driver Taxes: What You Need to Know

Although the payment is reasonable, it is challenging to be a truck driver. Being on the road most of the…

Aug, 18 | John B.

Bookkeeping or Accounting: Which is Better?

There are subtle differences between bookkeeping and accounting, but the distinctions are essential for some people. Bookkeepers record all the…

Aug, 11 | John B.

How To Speed Up Tax Refund Processing

The delay in getting a tax refund can make you impatient or even frustrated. The larger the number of tax…

Aug, 04 | John B.

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