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Checklist for Closing Your Business

It usually takes months to close a business appropriately. Business owners must follow a plan that protects their assets, reputations, and many more. Sometimes, an abrupt closing will occur, and these company owners must do orderly procedures to prevent subsequent issues. Therefore, it is wise to do everything according to the plan. For example, if you let the pieces fall, you will end up haunted by unnecessary trouble and headaches.

Although you might close your business for a short period, you still need to announce that to your customers and creditors.

How to Successfully Shut Down Your Business

1- Collect Receivable Accounts

Before announcing the shutdown of your business to customers, collect the remarkable receivable accounts. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to do that due to economic disturbances, but you must manage these accounts as much as possible. These precautionary measures are always required to avoid issues.

2- Don’t Forget The “Going Out Of Business” Sale

Remember to sell your inventory and have a “going out of business” sale. Donations to charity are another thing you can do with your merchandise. These types of donations are beneficial for business owners because they are deductible. The deduction will be for the corporation if the business is a C corporation. Otherwise, business owners can take the deduction on their returns, which means a personal deduction.

3- Remember To Notify The Creditors

Creditors are varied, and they include suppliers, lenders, and more. You must notify all of them about the closure of your business. If you do this procedure immediately, creditors will have limitations to asking for a debt, which is helpful for business owners. So, remember to notify creditors about the shutdown period because it will prevent later headaches.

4- The Customers Must Also Know About Your Closure

Announce the closure to the customers and be careful with the remaining contractual obligations. The deposits and payments for the goods and services that are not delivered must be returned to the clients. It is a crucial point to consider and might cause serious issues later.

5- Cancel Your Commercial Lease

It would help if you gave the required notice to the landlord at least one month before the closure. Some landlords might agree to postpone the final payments on some special occasions. For instance, many landlords did that during the time of the pandemic.

business owners paying their debts

6- Pay The Employees Completely

Notify employees about the shutdown and ultimately pay them. If you need some employees to close the business successfully, offer a bonus to them to stay until the final moments. Give the paycheck to the employees on the last day, and remember things like unused vacation days and items required by your specific state.

7- Orderly Liquidation

Liquidate all the assets of your business in an orderly way. It is a helpful strategy that prevents many problems.

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8- Settle Your Debts As Much As Possible

It will help if you protect your liabilities by having priorities. For example, as a business owner, you might owe money to suppliers, landlords, utilities, and many more. Some creditors might accept less amount in the case of prompt payment and on some special occasions. For example, as the pandemic affected businesses worldwide, many creditors took less than what they were supposed to receive. Please pay close attention to your bills; make sure they are paid.

9- Make Your Last Payroll Deposits

It is an important thing to consider at the federal and state level. At the time of the pandemic, employers could postpone 50% of the payroll taxes until 2021 or 2022. So, there are some golden opportunities that business owners must use.

10- Cancel The Subscriptions And Business Credit Cards

Remember to cancel the credit cards and subscriptions. The final tax forms due by the closure time must be submitted.

11- Follow Bulk Sales Laws

Comply with these laws if required. If you sell your inventory, you must announce that to the creditors some days before the shutdown. In some states, you need to publish a notice in a local newspaper and announce the imminent shutdown.

12- Close All The Accounts Of Your Business

If you want to close your business, close all the business accounts as soon as possible. Cancel all the permits and licenses as well. These are necessary steps to avoid unsolved issues later. You must also file the final tax returns, a vital step to consider.

A business man checking reports for closing business un Bronx, NY

13- Leave The Contact Info

Remember to leave the contact info in line with the former employees, colleagues, and more. Transparency can be beneficial when you shut down your business.

14- Distribute The Remaining Assets Fairly

Distribution of the remaining assets to you and the other owners must be fair. The partnerships of the corporations must be resolved as well.

Filing For Bankruptcy

Many small businesses can resolve their issues without filing for bankruptcy. They can protect their assets without doing that. But filing for bankruptcy is the best option if you have a heavy debt or some stubborn creditors. It is the first step in the closing mechanism. The other steps mentioned in the article will follow this first step. There are also some more appropriate alternatives for small businesses, so we recommend something different than this solution to these companies.

A business attorney can be a great help and guide you through the entire closure process. If you have recalcitrant landlords or creditors, an attorney can alert you to potential liabilities or some steps to omit. Always seek the advice of accountants and tax professionals because they can inform you about many consequences. These professionals will help you take advantage of business losses and reduce taxes. A local business attorney is required for each business.

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