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CPAs vs. Enrolled Agents: What’s The Difference?

There are a plethora of acronyms in the world of taxing, which is sometimes confusing. A deep understanding of some accreditations is required if you need tax professionals to help you through the taxing process. When you want to decide on a person to work with, you might be bewildered by the dissimilarities between a certified public accountant (CPA) and an enrolled agent (EA).

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The CPAs are regulated at the state level, and the EAs are regulated at the federal level. To become a CPA, you must pass a four parts exam provided by AICPA. The CPAs are confirmed at the state level, which makes limitations for practice in other jurisdictions. However, reciprocity is possible in some situations. Both officials must meet stern ethical expectations. You can consult these officials in different cases. Don’t forget that tax issues are demanding, complex, and nested, so you need assistance from professionals. They know the tricks and techniques to facilitate tax payments.

What is an EA?

An enrolled agent is a tax professional who thoroughly manages tax arrangements for private businesses and entities. An EA has a broad range of knowledge in tax areas like payrolls, levies, inheritance, retirement taxes, and more. When the EAs successfully pass their tests, the federal government confirms them as specialists in tax issues. EAs have various responsibilities like representing clients in tax audits, tax collection, and providing tax guidelines. The EA is the highest certification from the IRS. EAs are uncontested regarding tax issues and can give clients extraordinary ideas.

What is a CPA?

CPA stands for certified public accountants. They have more flexible and broad opportunities to work. They can involve various topics in the world of taxes so that you can count on them on different issues. States usually confirm CPAs, while the federal government is more into EAs. CPAs typically work for public accounting companies, no matter whether they are small or big. The CPAs can have numerous roles like auditors, corporate accountants, and more. So, they can help in all the areas related to tax, accounting, and financial issues. They make plans for clients and teach them money management strategies. Therefore, CPAs help clients to reach their financial goals easily. These goals can be something like starting a branch in a foreign country. CPAs have a broad scope of knowledge, and they are the best choice when you have cases related to several topics. Don’t ignore the assistance from the professionals because tax issues are complicated and need a wide range of specialties.

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Enrolled Agent vs. CPA

CPAs work for businesses in tax, accounting, and financial services, while the EAs mainly focus on taxes for individuals or companies. The education requirements for CPAs are around 150 hours of undergraduate, but EAs need five years of IRS experience. The EAs also have to pass the EA exam. 

EAs and CPAs are both well-qualified and have the required specialty to help you. The use of an EA or a CPA depends on the issue that you want to resolve. In some cases, EAs are better, and there are other cases in which CPAs` performance is better. EAs are perfect for audits or collection issues, and they can also be helpful in bookkeeping services. EAs are great for preparing tax returns for businesses.

On the other hand, CPAs are great for financial planning or accounting requirements. They can help you decrease tax liability through various tricks. Both the officials have enough knowledge and expertise to resolve your issues, but remember that the range of their services is different. CPAs can provide a broader range of services for clients, and they can engage in different situations. Generally, we can say CPAs have more population demand than EAs. 

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The license cost

The cost of receiving a CPA license is not fixed. The place where you study for your bachelor’s degree has its price, and if you continue your education to get a master’s degree, some other expenses are in front of you. After these stages, you must purchase the study materials for the exam, which is another cost to consider. Participation in the exam needs a separate charge which depends entirely on the state where you want to get the license. The exam has different sections, and a separate registration fee is required for each part.

The license itself has an average cost of $150. If you want to maintain the license, you must constantly participate in educational courses. The price for these courses entirely depends on the state. The costs are higher in some states compared to others. Some employers bear the cost of childcare or permit to practice which is fantastic for CPAs. If you want to be an EA, you must get a PTIN from the IRS. PTIN stands for a personal tax identification number. Obtaining this number costs around $50. The EA exam also has different sections, and the registration fee for each unit is $111.94. You need to pay $30 after successfully passing the exam. So, the total cost will be $415.82. The IRS must confirm the seller’s program.

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