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In 2022, Educators Can Deduct Up to $300 In Expenses

The IRS has good news for teachers and educators planning for 2022; they can deduct $300 as classroom expenses when they file their tax returns for the following year. It is the first increase in the annual limit since 2002. This limit was $250 per year from 2002 through 2021. The $50 increase is due to inflation adjustments. So, eligible educators and teachers can claim $300 of their qualified class expenses. Married teachers can file a joint return and deduct up to $600. Currently, the limit is not more than $300 for each spouse.

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Who Is Qualified for This Deduction?

Educators are eligible for this deduction, whether they take the standard deduction. Qualified educators are individuals serving in kindergarten through grade 12 as teachers, principals, counselors, or individuals who help in the school for at least 900 hours during the academic year. The deduction is applicable to both public and private educators.

What Costs Are Deductible?

  • Materials like books, notebooks, and other items were utilized in the class.

  • Various equipment, including computer equipment, software, and services.

  • Items required for protecting against COVID-19, such as a mask, disinfectant, hand soap, and other things to prevent the disease.

  • There are courses for professional development that are connected to the curriculum. There are also other educational tax benefits for these kinds of expenses that you can visit the IRS official website for more info.

Expenses for home schooling or non-athletic supplies are not deductible. The IRS recommends that teachers keep records and documentation to use the Deduction and other credits.

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The Deduction for 2021 Is $250

For educators still working on 2021 tax returns, the limit of this deductible is $250. It is increasable to $500 for married educators who file a joint return. But the limit for each spouse is $250 and not more. No matter whether the return is self-prepared or it is prepared through the help of professionals, the IRS recommends all individuals electronic filing and selecting direct deposit for refunds. The IRS also urges electronic payments for due taxes.

What Do Critics Think About This Limit Increase?

COVID-19 brought more inflation to all countries of the world, including the US. The harms from the pandemic are long-lasting, and many of them will affect the world economy following years. Teachers and educators must spend money in this situation in order to prepare their classes. They have to purchase books, paper, pens, and many other materials for their classes. It is more evident in schools in poor neighborhoods.

The critics believe that the $50 increase is pitiful in this situation that we see unprecedented inflation. They think teachers spend much more than this limit in order to prepare their classes. Many critics declare that the IRS policies are generous to wealthy people and big corporations on Wall Street.

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How Many Educators Spend Their Money on the Classes?

Sadly, the school budget is not enough to support schools, and 95% of teachers spend their own money to prepare classes. Surveys and reports show that the budget does not cover every required item in classes. COVID-19 increased the burden for many teachers due to the sanitary needs of schools during the pandemic. Educators are not usually reimbursed for the things they purchase. It is wise for teachers to keep track of their spending to have solid documentation.

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Some Mistakes to Avoid

When you file your tax return as a teacher, there are some crucial points to remember. You must have spent the money yourself and weren’t repaid. The expenses must be connected to your earnings, and you need to have documentation to prove the expenses. You cannot prove anything without proper records. Everything is not deductible. For instance, you can’t claim the gifts you buy for your students. The cost of vaccination is not deductible, even if you are legally required to do that. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  • Some teachers file their tax returns very soon. It is better to wait until late July to know all the expenses.

  • Record keeping is crucial; as we mentioned, you need to prove the expenses. Some teachers are not so serious about keeping records, and it causes later problems.

  • Be cautious about double dipping. Claiming the same expense twice can be problematic. Precise calculations are required here.

  • You can only claim costs that are directly connected to your work. Expenses that are not related to your teaching job are not deductible.

  • If you were repaid a cost, you could not claim it again.

Professional Learning and Additional Courses

You can participate in learning courses to increase your skills as a teacher, and the expenses are deductible. For instance, you upgrade your qualification from BA to MA. It improves your skills, and you can claim the costs for that.

On the other hand, some courses are unrelated to your job, and you can’t claim them. For example, a teacher might participate in a course to get a new job. It is not something related to their job, so it’s not considered deductible.

Useful Applications

There are various apps helping teachers keep track of the records of their expenses. Teachers must record expenses and deductions, vehicle trips, incomes, invoices, and receipts. Multiple applications are available that are helpful for this type of recording. The apps check the pre-fill information and reduce the number of mistakes. You can snap a photo of your receipt when you buy something, and it’ll be beneficial at tax time because you can upload the information directly to your email.

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