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Energy Tax Credit: Which Home Improvements Qualify?

The Inflation Reduction Act had many changes for green incentives. One of the modifications was for the EV tax credit for 2023 and after that. Energy Efficient Home Improvement credit emerged as a result of these modifications. It involves using solar power, home battery storage, and other properties related to green energy. The tax credits for renewable energy are good through 2019, but they are supposed to be reduced by the end of 2023 and beyond. You need to claim the credits through Form 5695.

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Tax Credit for Residential Renewable Energy

Fuel-cell technology, wind, solar, and geothermal are eligible equipment for the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit:

  • Solar panels or photovoltaics can produce energy, but the generated electricity must be used at home.

  • Water heaters that use solar power are also qualified. The heated water created by the system must be utilized inside the home. At least 50% of the water heating home capacity needs to be solar. Heaters that are used in swimming pools or hot tubs are not eligible.

  • Wind turbines are qualified, but they need to produce up to 100 kilowatts of electricity for home usage.

  • Geothermal heat pumps are also eligible in the case that meets the guideline of Energy Star.

  • Fuel cells that generate power for residential places are also eligible due to reliance on a renewable resource. At least 0.5 kilowatts of energy must be produced through these cells to be eligible.

More Details About the Tax Credit

You can claim the energy credit for the equipment mentioned above for both primary and secondary homes. But the fuel-cell equipment is slightly different and only eligible for a principal residence. A 30% credit is possible through 2019 and will reduce to 26% through 2022. Twenty-two percent of the credit is valid until 2023; after that, it will expire. No upper limit applies to the wind, solar, and geothermal apparatus credit. A fuel cell can receive a maximum credit of $1000 per kilowatt.

Solar panels and wind turbines qualify for energy tax credits

How Is Tax Credit for Nonbusiness Energy Property?

The Department of Energy sets some standards, and equipment and materials that meet those standards are eligible for nonbusiness credit. Manufacturers know if a product meets those standards or not.

There are two kinds of upgrades, according to the IRS. The first is eligible energy efficiency improvement like home insulation, and the second is home energy property costs such as electric heat pumps. For the first upgrade, you can claim 10% of the cost. But for the second upgrade, it is possible to claim 100% of the price. The credit must be a maximum of $500 for all years from 2006 until the expiration.

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Make Your Home Energy Efficient and Get Credit

If you install some equipment to improve energy efficiency at your home, you can claim credit for that endeavor. The credit can be claimed via Form 5695. The installation of the equipment must be put in service within a particular tax year to be declared on the return related to that year. There are various apps to help you with this credit system. You can determine the amount of credit by answering some simple questions through these apps. Professionals at SCL can assist you with this and answer all your questions.

Home Energy improvements

Some Eligible Home Improvements for the Credit

Here is a list of products that can be eligible for credit. The maximum claimable amount is also mentioned.

  • Biomass stoves are qualified; the maximum amount to claim is $300.

  • Advanced air circulating fans are eligible, and the maximum credit for them is $50.

  • Heat pumps are another eligible category; the maximum amount is $300.

  • The central air conditioning system is also qualified; the maximum to claim is $300.

  • Oil, hot-water boilers, and gas are eligible. You can claim up to $150 for them.

  • Oil furnaces, gas, and propane are qualified. The maximum claim is $150 for them.

  • Oil and electric heat pumps are qualified; the maximum amount to claim is $300.

  • Doors that are energy efficient are qualified. The maximum claim is $500. Pay attention that installation costs are not included.

  • Efficiency skylights with a maximum claim of $500 are another option. Keep in mind the installation costs are not covered.

  • Energy-efficient Windows are eligible for a maximum claim of $200. It is not included in the installation costs.

  • Insulation is another suitable option. The maximum is $500, and installation is not included.

  • Metal and asphalt roofing is another eligible choice with a maximum claim of $500. The installation is not included again.

You can only claim $500 of all combined costs.

Greener Tax Codes Are Required

We have seen greener tax codes at the federal and state levels during the past years. These codes will incentivize people to invest in energy-efficient equipment, which means going toward a greener and healthier environment. This revolution began in the early 2000s; the government made some amendments and determined energy credit for energy-efficient residential areas. Homeowners can claim the credit on their tax returns thanks to those amendments. Today, tax credits are available for solar investment, renewable energy, and non-business energy property.

Our environment is getting warmer due to the massive consumption of energy. In line with other issues, the greenhouse effect decreases the area suitable for human life. There is an increasing number of deserts today due to improper policies and regulations regarding energy consumption and other global issues. Greener codes are highly required in this situation, and the future of our planet depends on these regulations. We are responsible in front of subsequent generations. It is their right to inherit a greener planet.

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