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Home Office Deduction

Eligible taxpayers can deduct some home expenses when filing their taxes. To get this deduction, the taxpayers usually must use a part of their home or a separate section of their property as the principal place of business. This tax law began in 2013, and returns were filed in 2014. It is a simplified and optimal option for taxpayers who use part of their living place for business purposes. The option won’t change the standards for individuals who might claim the deduction. However, it facilitates the calculation and recordkeeping requirements for a specific deduction.

Millions of Americans work from home or remotely these days. The pandemic also increased the number of these individuals. In the midst of that crisis, many people decided to leave their daily jobs and become their bosses. Self-employed people and individuals working from home can claim this tax break. But if you work remotely, you are not qualified for the deduction.

Can I Claim the Home Office Deduction?

There are some specific standards for this deduction, even though many people work from home currently. Gig workers, self-employed, and independent contractors can claim this tax deduction, but the break is not for self-employed individuals. According to the IRS, employees who get a paycheck or a W-2 separately from an employer are not qualified for the break, even if they are currently working from home. Because the home-office deduction was allowed for employees in prior years, there is confusion here. The employees were banned from taking breaks in 2017.

As we mentioned before, taxpayers must use a part of their home as a place of business. It might be where you greet clients, do your business, keep your inventory, or do similar issues. The deduction is not only for homeowners; properties like mobile homes, boats, and apartments are also eligible. There is also the option of taking only part of the deduction. For instance, if you have a regular job and use your home as the primary space after that daily job, you can claim the break for part of the year.

The Mechanism of the Home-Office Tax Break

Two types of taxpayers are eligible for this deduction, and they can calculate it. In a simple mechanism, you can calculate $5 for each square foot of your home office, and the cap is 300 square feet. You must utilize this home office for your business and prove that. Taxpayers are responsible for the burden of this proof because if the IRS audits them, the claim must be backed up.

In order to claim the home-office deduction, you must keep track of all expenses. You can claim 100% of some expenses like the cost of repairs. Some other expenses like utilities are also deductible according to the size of your home office compared to the home. For instance, if your home office is 5% of your living space, you can deduct that percentage from costs like a mortgage or some types of insurance. For further information regarding this, visit the IRS Form 8829.

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If You Are Not Qualified?

Some individuals expect significant savings from home-office deductions, but it won’t generally lead to these outsized savings. It usually equates to around 35 cents on the dollar for many taxpayers. Due to the depreciation of the value of your home office, taking the deduction could make it more difficult to sell your home later. It can generate a tax event in the future when you want to sell your house. It doesn’t mean the home-office deduction is not valuable if you are eligible for it. If you are qualified for that and the government wants to give you some money, use the opportunity and take it.

How Do You Take the Deduction?

You can directly take the deduction on Schedule C if the simplified method is what you choose. But if the standard way is your choice, you need to submit Form 8829 in line with your tax return. The deduction can be limited if the home office expenses exceed your business income for that specific year. The Schedule C income must not be under zero due to home office expenses. If some home expenses are unused, they can be carried over to the following year, just like the regular method. But if you use the simplified procedure, carryover is not allowed.

Are You Self-Employed For A Few Months?

Individuals who are self-employed for a few months can take a partial deduction. Let’s say you’re looking for a full-time job while also doing some translation. It is an example of people who can take a partial removal. If you are employed for a part of the year, expenses must be calculated only for that period. For instance, the expenses will be prorated for only 5 months if you do the translation job from January to May.

If you use the simplified deduction, prorating will be based on the months you’ve worked from home. You can also deduct some of your expenses for the months you worked from home. Whether you work long or short hours in the home office, the space must be exclusively used for business throughout the working period. This requirement is crucial if you want to create a temporary office. Your home office might not be a separate room, but it is vital to be used solely for business.

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Some Deductible Expenses

Some expenses are deductible when you set up an office in your area. Furniture and equipment are some of these deductible expenses to consider. The costs can be tax deductible if you purchase a computer or a printer for your home office. The deduction is possible even if you use a phone call or an internet connection for your home office.

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