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How To Speed Up Tax Refund Processing

The delay in getting a tax refund can make you impatient or even frustrated. The larger the number of tax returns that the income tax department has to process, the longer it will take to get the refund. While you cannot do anything to reduce the number of returns that the tax department processes, there are ways you can use to speed up your tax refund processing.

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Given below are some useful tips that you should follow to expedite your tax refund processing by the tax department.

File Your Tax Return as Soon as Possible

To speed up tax refund processing, the first thing you, the taxpayer, should do is file your tax return quickly. The more time you take to file your return, the queue of tax returns for processing increases. As a result of a large number of tax returns, the processing of tax refunds gets delayed.

Early tax filing offers several benefits. Apart from expediting the tax refund processing, filing returns as fast as possible also decreases the risks of tax refund fraud. If you delay tax return filing, it gives scammers a good opportunity to steal your personal information and file the return on your behalf and then take the refund money through fraudulent means. If you plan to avoid tax problems and IRS troubles as these, you should file tax returns as early as you can.


File Electronically

Electronic tax filing is a surefire way to expedite the processing of tax refund. So, you should not take the “paper tax return” route.

If you file your tax returns via mail, you should expect delayed tax refunds. In this case, it can take around eight weeks for processing. This is exactly why tax professionals and tax consultants will tell you to not just file returns early, but file it electronically. If you file returns electronically, you will likely get the tax refund within 21 days. To prepare and e-file your return and expert tax help for different types of tax problems, feel free to get in touch with one of our highly experienced tax professionals at SCL Tax Services in and near Bronx, NY. 


Make Sure the Return is Filed Correctly

Whether you are an individual taxpayer, a small business or a startup firm, you should see to it that your income tax return is filed in an error-free manner. Mistakes will delay tax refund processing. 

Common tax return mistakes include:

  • Using the wrong filing status
  • Mathematical errors
  • Misreported income
  • Entering items on the wrong line
  • Tax payment mistakes


Imagine taking all the pain to file your tax return and then getting an IRS notice or bill informing you made a mistake. Your refund will need to wait until the errors in your tax return are corrected. Right from collecting all the data, calculating the taxes and filling out all the necessary info to sending it off to the IRS, filing tax returns is not always a simple task. If your tax situation is complex, you should definitely seek expert tax help from a tax accountant or professional. An experienced tax professional will use the best filing status, report all taxable income, claim a dependent and answer the virtual currency question in a correct manner.

At Bronx Tax Services, we offer correct tax filing, business taxes preparation, payroll services, bookkeeping services and etc. Feel free to reach out to our tax office to fulfill all your tax-related needs properly.


Sign Up for Direct Refund Deposit

At the time of tax filing, you should skip signing up for a refund through check. This will delay the refund. Instead, you should sign up for direct deposit so that the refund amount is deposited in your bank account.

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Track Your Refund

Once you are done with income tax filing and other essential steps, you should not forget to track the processing of your refund.

Tracking your refund will not speed up the refund processing. But it will keep you informed about the status of your refund. In this way, you will have knowledge of when you should expect the money to be deposited into your bank account. If you file your return electronically, you can start tracking the refund status 24 hours after your tax return has been acknowledged. 


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