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Taxes on gifts: Is It Necessary?

Gift tax is an issue that sometimes involves paperwork for some people. It is a kind of federal tax that refers to transmitting money or possessions to others while you won’t receive anything in return. This tax does not apply to most people, and the IRS only applies the tax to gifts exceeding $16000. Tax gifts mostly bring extra trouble and paperwork; many critics argue against it. In the case of any tax problems or IRS troubles, our tax professionals in Bronx Tax Services are ready to help you to clarify the issues. Call our tax office now at 347-305-4348!

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Are the gifts taxable? 

Most gifts are not taxable according to federal law. But, if the gifts later produce revenue (for instance, you receive rent on them), you must pay taxes from the income. You can refer to the IRS Publication 525 for more information regarding the issue. The same rules apply for inheritance.

How to stay away from gift taxes? 

There are yearly and lifetime exclusions for gift tax. If the gift value is less than $16000 in a year or $12.06 million in your lifetime, the gift tax does not apply to you (the numbers are for 2022). You can continue receiving gifts annually, and as long as the limit is not beyond $16000, you won’t pay any taxes. So, you must look at your calendar carefully and check the total value of your gifts during the year.

The mechanism of gift tax calculation 

  • According to the rules, in 2022, you can receive up to $16000 as gifts without any trouble from the IRS. The number was $15000 in 2021 and before.
  • If you give more than $16000 to others as gifts, you must file a return for that, whether you give money or assets. It doesn’t mean the tax applies to you; you have to just file IRS Form 709 to reveal the present.
  • The yearly exclusion is per receiver. For instance, you can give $16000 to your cousin and another $16000 to your brother all in a year, and you don’t need to file a return for them. So, the annual exclusion is not the total value of your presents.
  • Married spouses can give away $30000 annually without any trouble from the IRS. It is possible via gift splitting, and they must file a return for doing that. More details are available about the process on the IRS website.
  • Spouses can transfer an unlimited amount of gifts between themselves, and it’s not necessary to file a return for them. If you give money or properties to charities, the IRS considers them as charitable donations, not gifts.
  • It is not mandatory for a person who receives gifts to announce them.

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What is the mechanism of lifetime gift tax? 

  • You can give away up to $12.06 million in your lifetime, and married couples can double the amount.
  • You must think about your gifts precisely because they can be accumulated and affect your lifetime limit. An all-year tax services company can be helpful here; you can call our tax consultants for any tax help. Contact our tax office right away to get what you want.
  • For instance, if you give your cousin $30000 this year, you will finish your annual exclusion. You have to file a return in this case, but you presumably won’t pay anything because the extra $14000 will be calculated against your lifetime exclusion. Therefore, you must act cautiously not to accumulate the amounts for future troubles.
  • Lifetime exclusion is the main thing that the gift tax return records, so if you don’t give away anything in your lifetime, you can use the exclusion against your properties after your death.


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The rate of the gift tax 

If you are generous and finish all the exclusions, the gift tax applies to you. The rates are generally between 18% to 40%. Some exceptions and unique rules are available for this tax that you can observe on IRS Form 709

Some occasions can cause a gift tax return

Several occasions inadvertently cause the emergency to file a gift tax return. Here are some of these situations:

  • If grandparents give away $60000 to grandchildren for college plans, the situation will trigger the exclusion because it is more than the limit.
  • If you spend tremendous money on things like cars or vacations, be ready for some paperwork. For example, if you spend $60000 for a wedding, you must expect some trouble.
  • Some generous people lend money to friends or family members; these loans are usually interest-free. The IRS will consider the loans as gifts if friends and family members don’t give back your money.
  • If you have a joint account with someone other than your spouse (for instance, your grandpa), anytime you take out money, the IRS will consider it a gift from your grandpa!

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Some practical tips regarding gift tax

  • Husbands and wives can both give away $16000 to a recipient without the trouble of filing a return. So, avoid gift splitting for these amounts because you need to file a tax gift return for that. It means extra paperwork in this busy world.
  • Direct payment for educational and medical costs is the best option that won’t cause any trouble.
  • The lifetime exclusion can include the properties you leave behind after your death, so have a good plan for your giveaways and consider every aspect.

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