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Receiving a Large Tax Refund: Good or Bad?

Although a large tax refund might seem like free money, it isn’t good news for you for several reasons. Many tax return recipients use that money for issues like investment, saving, or paying debts. When you receive a huge check from the IRS, an overpay on taxes has occurred, which is not great news. If you get a significant tax return from the IRS, you haven’t used your cash flow correctly. Simply put, you have provided an interest-free loan for the IRS throughout the year!

Keep yourself updated about your withholding 

When employers hire you as an employee, they will give you Form W-4, which you can adjust to ensure the amount of withholding. On the form, you will mention your filing status and information like spouse and dependents as your personal allowances. Your tax withholding will depend on the subsidies, and less withholding will occur in the case of more allowances. For instance, a person who is married and has 3 children will have 5 allowances and owe considerable taxes by the end of the year. The IRS calculator is an excellent option for finding the proper withholding.

Many individuals are overtaxed or undertaxed 

Many people are scared of owing a large amount at tax time, so that they will determine their withholdings at a higher rate with no personal allowances. It means extra taxes are withheld during the year, which leads to a more significant tax return in spring. It is psychologically pleasant to get some cash back but being overpaid is not an intelligent move.

How to tailor your tax load?

It is an intelligent way to evaluate your withholding and pay accordingly. Make sure the withholding is correct for you; the following methods are great ways to tailor your tax load:

Reconsider your W-4

Your withholding depends on various factors like salary, your tax range, your spouse’s earnings, and the deductions you get. Deciding to withhold less for tax purposes can be a smart move to deal with your money. Contributing to a dependent care plan at work can be helpful. For example, put some cash into your health savings account if you are eligible for a high deduction due to a medical procedure.

Annual comparison of tax refunds

Your yearly tax returns must be similar unless you have fundamental life changes. So comparing your tax refunds with previous years can be a helpful method to adjust your tax load. For instance, if your efficient tax rate was 25% on average in the prior year, tailor your allowances to ensure you are close to that percentage.

Consult with tax accountants

Tax withholding is not the same for all, varying from one family to the next. For example, if you have high earnings with no mortgage, it is sensible to withhold more for tax purposes. On the contrary, a working couple who earns less with children and a mortgage can withhold less because of the credits and deductions they are eligible for.

Some people have numerous sources of income, so it is very complicated for these individuals to figure out their withholding. If you are one of the individuals with multiple sources of income, estimated quarterly payments are the appropriate solution for you. Work with tax professionals and accountants to find out about your tax liabilities at the end of the year. Working with professionals will lead to better cash flow usage and avoid severe IRS penalties.

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Tax arbitrage is like gambling with your cash

Tax arbitrage is a gimmick some individuals try to use. If you have ambitious plans for your paycheck and try to withhold fewer taxes, remember that you will owe the IRS next year. So tax arbitrage is like gambling with your cash, and you need to be aware of it. Some individuals make foolish mistakes and think investing money can beat the IRS penalties. If you have intentionally underpaid, your cash must be a safe investment because you will encounter a short-term horizon.

Be wise in your tax planning

If your withholding is not enough, you will bring home more money temporarily, but you are facing the risk of owing the IRS. On the contrary, if your withholding is too much, you have given more than required to Uncle Sam. However, the IRS has changed the tax code substantially since 2018. These changes involve issues like double standard deductions, the removal of personal exemptions, and new limitations on itemized deductions.

The changed W-4 and the new withholding calculator take issues like a side gig or self-employed income into account. Quarterly estimated tax payments are required for this type of income. An extra line on W-4 is available that individuals can enter a flat amount to withhold from the paychecks. This solution can be helpful due to some estimated tax payments and preventing a large tax bill for the following year.

Tax planning wisely

Try to match your federal liability

The withholding calculator from the IRS will assist you in adjusting your withholding to be close to matching your federal responsibility. State taxes are different, so consult with tax professionals to ensure you pay an appropriate amount. It is ideal to withhold from your paycheck because it will cover your tax liability during that year. It is best to have a return or additional taxes zero, or close to that, so you are not underpaid or overpaid and use your cash flow effectively.

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