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Military Tax Filing While Serving Overseas

The tax laws and regulations in the US are not clear enough, and they pose more difficulties for the armed services stationed outside the US. Here, we attempt to address several hazy questions on taxes, military tax filing, and other related topics. It would be best if you had assistance from qualified specialists because military tax is a challenging subject. If you’re in the Bronx, New York, and searching for Bronx Tax Services, our firm is here to help you with all your issues. Dial 347-305-4348 to reach us right now.

Military Tax Extension for Military Personnel on Duty

If you are in the military and serve outside the United States, there are 3 military tax deadlines for you to file the taxes, “ these 3 occasions are April, June, and October.” Consider that the date for this filing is on the 15th of each of the mentioned months.

If you haven’t filed your taxes by April’s deadline, you would have an automatic extension as long as you are a military member serving overseas. You are also qualified for this extension if you live outside the United States and Puerto Rico.

Military members who have lost the June deadline can still file the military taxes on another deadline which is on October. October is the third and last chance for military tax filing because, according to the IRS, taxpayers in combat zones can wait for a minimum of 180 days after leaving the area.

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Does social security tax include military members?

The Social Security Administration, which deals with payroll services and the tax levied on employees and employers, is where FICA first appeared. The goal of FICA is to fund numerous programs like Survivors, Old Age, etc. In other words, the organization is for social security taxes, which is a significant issue.

Military members must pay social security tax as civilian employees, even if they serve outside the country. The tax rate depends on the income; employees with more income must pay a surtax, or if they do some self-employed jobs, they must pay more.

There were earning credits for military members who served from 1978 to 2001 but unfortunately, there’s no credit for military service after 2001. Then, the members who served before 2001 had extra income, and the taxes must be in line with their revenues.

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soldiers serving overseas

Special tax breaks for military members

People who serve in the US military can enjoy some exciting tax breaks. Here are some instances:

  • The government doesn’t consider combat pay as revenue for military forces, which is advantageous regarding EITC.
  • The enrolled members can remove some items such as rewards for reenlistment from their income to avoid paying a surtax.
  • For military members in Reserves, if they move more than 100 miles away from their residential place as military obligations, a tax deduction will be available for travel costs.

Some practical tips for military members

Here are some tips for people who serve in the military:

The IRS website

The website is beneficial for military forces because they can get a lot of information about taxes and similar topics. The website will answer many questions that military members might face. Questions about a military tax return, tax advice, and similar issues have responses on the site.

AFTC a tube for outreach

There’s a partnership between AFTC and the IRC; the goal of the coordination is to prepare an outreach conduit for military members and their families. Then, military forces can resolve many issues through this tube and update their status for the IRS.

The VITA program

It is a beneficial program for people serving in the military and their families. The program has voluntary assistance for military members regarding military tax returns, tax filing, and other related topics. Don’t forget to utilize it in the utmost way.

If you are a person who serves in the military, the above tips are helpful to consider. But, you need more help because military tax is a complicated issue and requires specialty and experience. If you are in the Bronx, NY, our company can be an excellent option for you. Our consultancy services are comprehensive and helpful, and our tax professionals can do miraculous things for you. Call us to feel the power of our tax company.

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Some tax benefits for armed forces

The military forces and their families face various challenges and problems. Their life is not comfortable and straightforward as other people’s; so the government has determined some tax benefits for them:

1- Moving costs

If you serve in the military and have to change your station, you can deduct the moving cost from the unpaid tax. It is a beneficial rule for armed forces because of the difficulty of life and the challenging obligations facing them.

2- The cost of uniform and maintenance

Some military members have to wear unique uniforms even when not on duty. The cost of these uniforms and their maintenance is on the government, not military members, and the members receive back the expenses on tax reimbursement and other occasions.

3- Subsistence pensions

The allowances for ROTC Students are free from tax. The students attend high levels of training, but active duty pay is different, and students must pay taxes for that. For instance, the revenue will be taxable when they start a summer program and earn some cash.

4- Resuming civilian life

Some military forces leave the service and try to start a civilian life, so they must search for suitable jobs, and they might incur some expenses like traveling. The costs are deductible from taxes as long as you meet some requirements.

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