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The Risks of Completing Your Own Business Taxes

Starting a new business is always challenging and has its complexities. One of these complexities is taxes, a complicated issue that needs knowledge and experience. Many companies try to do their taxes without the help of professionals, leading to numerous risks and mistakes. Many businesses do it to save money, and doing taxes for some other businesses is a kind of pride and prestige. When you do the taxes yourself, there are numerous liabilities, mistakes, and risks to be aware of. In this article, we’ll discuss some of these risks. Keep reading to learn how to avoid these pitfalls.

1- You might miss the deadline

Business taxes are time-consuming, and they need a lot of energy. Business owners usually don’t have enough time and energy to do the taxes and end up postponing things. The owner of a business might suddenly realize that they owe a lot of taxes, but they do not have enough money to pay them. It is a big problem for companies and disturbs planning and management. Although you can request an extension in these cases, you need to pay at least a portion of the tax. To avoid this problem, you must start filing your taxes in January and set aside extra money for any unexpected taxes your business faces. If you miss the deadline, you will face severe penalties and interest. Successful businesses usually take taxes seriously, and they have a plan for them.

2- You might not pay the estimated tax

Estimated taxes are mandatory, and there is no way to avoid them. As a sole proprietor, you must ensure that your debt is less than $1000 when filing. If you are unsure about that, the best way is to pay a little in estimated tax. As a corporation, you must pay if you think your debt is $500 or more. You can determine the estimated tax in various ways. There are online calculators for doing that, and the IRS also has some helpful tools regarding that. Some businesses will be apprehensive about federal tax and forget that they might also pay to the state, a big pitfall to consider. Some states have tight rules regarding estimated taxes, and businesses should be aware of them and try to have plans.

Using a calculator and coins to do your own taxes as a business owner

3- An accurate record of expenses is required

Keeping precise track of deduction expenses is crucial. The IRS recommends businesses save receipts for at least three years, while some tax advisors even suggest six years. The deductibles are essential and can save you lots of money. Some business owners pay their cash for deductible items and forget to record that. It is a big mistake to avoid because it can significantly impact you.

You can only deduct things that you are entitled to. Companies and corporations are at high risk of being audited. So, you must have a convincing reason for each deduction. For instance, it is impossible to deduct the family vacation even when doing business, but the direct costs connected to the company can be removed. If you use your personal automobile for business purposes, you must record the mileage or deduct the costs directly related to the use of the vehicle. Record the costs under the IRS’s header if you file a Schedule C. It can be a time-saving action at the end of the year.

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4- Do not use your personal bank account for business

Many small business owners make a big mistake and use their personal bank accounts for business. As a business owner, you need a separate account for your business immediately. Most banks will give you a free business account if you have an eligible personal checking account. All business income must be kept in a business account, and it is better to have a debit and credit card for that account. Don’t use personal cash for your business as long as you can. It helps you track expenses accurately and might decrease audit risk or similar issues. Don’t keep your credit card near the business credit card because, in some situations, you might use them interchangeably without knowing about that.

5- You might do your math incorrect

There are a lot of numbers for a business case, and you might make mistakes. Various problems can arise as a result of these errors. If you calculate the expenses wrong, you might lose the deductions, or an IRS audit may occur for you. Using a spreadsheet can be really helpful here. It is better to give your spreadsheet to another person to check. It will lead to fewer mistakes and better results. Fortunately, there is a lot of tax software that does the math for you in an accurate way. Always compare your numbers with the previous year because significant errors will be spotted.

A business owner could make a mathematical error when calculating business taxes

6- Pay attention to the crucial changes in tax law

Tax laws change constantly, so you have to stay on top of the changes. Significant changes are all over the internet, and you will probably hear about them. There are, however, slight changes that you might not be aware of. For the latest updates and changes, you must check all details before filing. Most of these changes won’t affect the business, but in some cases, these changes increase or decrease your business’s liability. So, you need to be updated about all the changes because some of them will affect you significantly.

All of these problems can be solved if you work with professional accountants and tax companies. They can double and triple-check your math and give you the details of recent changes. These companies will help you make better financial decisions. If you work with tax professionals, you will avoid costly mistakes and have more time and energy for your business. This allows you to focus more on your business and specialty.

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