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When Do Small Businesses Have to File Taxes?

You have various responsibilities as a business owner, and those duties never end. When you’re busy, it’s easy to miss your tax due date without realizing it. Your business might owe different taxes; understanding them and knowing when they are due can help you make a positive start, especially when the IRS is concerned. Every company must avoid tax problems and IRS trouble because it can be highly challenging.

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Different Types of Taxation

Federal tax is mandatory for all businesses, usually paid through the owner or a single-member LLC. It also can be delivered on federal return as a corporation. The self-employment tax is for self-employed individuals and is effectively the share of Social Security and Medicare taxes that a business owner would otherwise participate in. Businesses that offer some types of products and services owe a state tax. State income tax is available in most states, and even states without this form of taxation have a business or occupation tax or other forms of tax. The number of counties and towns is increasing, which imposes tariffs on companies within their specific jurisdiction.

What Is the Timeframe for Tax Payments?

You need to pay federal income tax once every quarter. You must make your first payment by the end of the first quarter. For instance, if your company generates income between January 1 and April 1, the first due date will be April 15.

If your business first generates income between April 1 and May 31, the due date is June 15. If it is between June 1 and August 31, the due date will be September 15. And if your firm first earns income between August 31 and January 1, January 15 will be the date that you must pay. These required payments involve self-employment tax. By the end of the first interval, you have generated taxable income, state income tax and sales tax are due. Taxes related to employees are usually due soon after you pay the first employee.

Be Vigilant About Your Jurisdiction’s Rules

You need deep research about the tax needs and due dates of where your business operates. You must know the regulations of your state, county, and town. It might be time-consuming to reach the required tax identification numbers or to connect your company with an automatic payment system, so you need to start the process as soon as possible. Sometimes, you must file a tax return confirming your zero income if the deadline happens after registering your company but before it earns revenue.

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Some Tips for Small Business Taxes

Running a business is difficult enough without considering taxes. Annual tax filing adds more complexity to your enterprise management. To reduce this complexity, experts recommend working with your accountant the entire year, not when you prepare the return. Financial decisions are not easy, and businesses need professionals to make these types of decisions. If you don’t consult with financial advisers, many problems and risks will occur in the long run.

Here are some tax tips for small businesses:

1- Hire a Professional Accountant

A professional tax accountant does more than financial statements preparation and business taxes. If these are the only things the accountant does, your accountant is not the right one. An accountant must cooperate with you throughout the year to track your income, cash flow issues, and many more. You must work with your accountant on the first day of starting your business, not just during the tax season. Most companies ignore this process, which will impact their business’s success.

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2- Declare All the Reported Income to the IRS

The IRS has a copy of the 1099-MISC forms so they can match your reported income with what you have received. The income you report must match what you receive; it is a crucial point to consider. Lacking this match is a red flag for the IRS. Even if your customer doesn’t send out a 1099 form, it is still necessary to report that income. The same regulations are available for state taxes.

3- Keep Accurate Records

Keeping enough accurate records during the year will confirm your tax return is reputable. If you don’t have enough records, you will miss some deductions, or the risk of an audit may occur. It is recommended for each business to invest in a basic version of accounting software because it is cheap and amicable and helps you record all the income and expenses.

4- Separate Your Business Expenses from Private Ones

If the IRS finds your expenses are mixed with your business ones, it can start examining your personal accounts due to the commingled money. You need a separate bank account for your costs and another account for your business. Ignoring this crucial point can lead to numerous problems.

5- You Need to Know the Difference Between Net and Gross Income

Sometimes, the owners of small businesses don’t understand the difference between net and gross income. If your product or service costs more money than what you charge, you lose, regardless of the amount you sell. It’s vital to know your business’s net and gross profit to grow.

6- Categorize Your Business in a Correct Way

Overpaying taxes is the result of improper classification of your business. Various classes are available, including C Corporation, S Corporation, Limited Liability Partnership, and more. These classes will have different effects on your tax payments. You must consult an attorney or accountant before classifying your business as a small business owner.

7- Payroll Management

You need to hire a reputable company to help you in payroll management. Some businesses hire a lesser-known payroll service to save money, which can be problematic in the long run. The IRS usually checks payroll taxes each quarter, so companies need to be accurate about the issue.

8- Ask for Your Accountant’s Advice Regarding Your Business Plan

A knowledgeable accountant gives you practical tips and pieces of advice to grow your business. Seek their advice on issues like contribution to your retirement fund or whether you should take a bonus. Your accountant can give you many practical tips to save money for your enterprise.

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