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Tax Relief to Disasters Victims (Updated, 2020)

The IRS continues to provide disaster relief to victims of natural disasters occurring all around the country. In 2020, there are a variety of programs designed to help those in various states, and who may have been harmed or had their property damaged by one or more disasters, such as storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, and floods.
Here are some of the most recent disasters to determine if you qualify for one of these IRS tax relief programs.

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Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael was the first super hurricane to strike the country since hurricane Andrew in 1992. The hurricane affected lives and caused damage in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida between the dates of October 6th and October 16th, 2018.
The IRS has announced that the tax agency is extending deadlines that apply to future tax returns, the act of paying taxes, and other time-sensitive acts with regard to payments. If your life was affected by Hurricane Michael, contact the IRS to see if you qualify for this relief program.

Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence wreaked havoc across the Carolinas and Virginia in September of 2018, causing an immense amount of freshwater flooding. The IRS gives relief to those living in many North and South Carolina counties, as well as those in several Virginia counties. Like Hurricane Michael, individuals affected by the terrible storm have their deadlines extended for filing tax returns, paying taxes, and other related actions.

California Wildfires

A deadly wildfire swept across the state of California between July and November 2018. Nearly 9,000 separate fires were started, which destroyed nearly 2 million across of land. The fires also caused 97 civilians and six firefighters to lose their lives.

The IRS is providing tax relief to those affected by the wildfires with special provisions. Not only will taxpayers have additional time to file their taxes, but they also have an extension on many related activities, such as filing quarterly payroll taxes, and filing excise tax returns.

Hurricanes Irma and Maria

Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean and Florida, leaving a trail of destruction to the tune of $65 million. Hurricane Irma made landfall shortly thereafter as a Category 4 storm, quickly becoming the worst natural disaster in the history of the island.
The IRS gives tax relief to victims of both major storms, extending the deadlines for specific dates. Hurricane Maria victims get relief if they were affected after September 15, 2017, and before June 29, 2018, in the U.S. Virgin Islands. For those affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, they get relief if they were affected after September 16, 2017, and before June 29, 2018.

Tax Relief for Other Natural Disasters

The IRS lists its tax relief programs for natural disasters on The programs are also provided for victims of various storms like floods and Tornadoes in Texas, Missouri, and Ohio.
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