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Taxes in Retirement Guide

The kind of taxes you pay while you are employed will change after you retire from your full-time job or self-employment. Just like you diversify your portfolio, you should also pay attention to how you can diversify the taxes on your savings. Post-retirement, you should first broaden your knowledge about the kind of taxes you will be paying. And then you need to start planning in order to get a potentially better tax outcome.

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In this guide, we’ll discuss the key questions you need to answer in regard to taxes in retirement and how you can take better control of your taxable income in retirement for big tax advantages.

2 Key Questions You Need to Answer

Before you are ready to work out a strategy to help your retirement savings last for a longer period, there are two important questions that you need to answer for better clarity and preparation.

  1. What Kind of Taxes You May Have to Pay?

    After you have retired from your job, you are not going to pay the same types of taxes you used to pay throughout your life. When it comes to taxable income, you should be fully aware that it is not just your retirement savings that will be taxed. There are many other kinds of taxes that you may need to pay once you have retired from your job or self-employed business.


These taxes include income taxes, social security taxes, property taxes, sales tax, inheritance and estate tax among others. You should also stay informed of the retirement taxes by state.


  1. What will be Your Post-Retirement Tax Rate?

    When it comes to taxes in retirement, one crucial thing to know is the tax rate that will apply to your income and other assets. Although tax rates are not very high today, they can change. It is possible for tax rates to increase when you retire or after you have retired from your job.


Based on these, you should do advance planning so that you can get the most out of your retirement savings. There are several steps that you should take to make the retirement money last for a long time and live a comfortable life. If you want expert help and advice in this regard, you should reach out to Bronx Tax Services in the Bronx, New York.


Types of Retirement Accounts You Can Use

There are 4 main types of accounts that you can use during or after your golden years:

  • Tax Deferred Accounts
  • Roth Accounts
  • Taxable Accounts
  • Health Savings Accounts


Some of these accounts are exempt from required minimum distributions (RMDs) while others are not. Each of these retirement accounts come with some unique benefits that you should be aware of. For detailed information on how your money in these accounts will be taxed and which of these accounts are exempt from RMDs, you should get in touch with one of our tax professionals for expert tax consultation and guidance.


Invest in a Traditional Brokerage Account

You can use different types of retirement accounts to get the most out of your tax-advantaged savings. If you still think you need more options because you have more left to save, you should consider investing in a traditional brokerage account in a strategic manner.

Though the income that is generated in a traditional brokerage account, there are multiple ways in which you can maximize your tax efficiency. Whether you want to benefit from long-term capital gain rates, investment trade limits, index mutual funds, tax-managed funds or tax-advantaged municipal bonds, a traditional brokerage account brings you all these advantages and many more. All you need is an effective strategy to get the most of this retirement account. Seek the expert help of a tax professional to work out a strategic action plan to protect your retirement savings in a tax-efficient way.

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Consider a Roth Conversion

It is also a useful strategy to convert part of or your entire funds from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. Though a Roth conversion adds more taxes, it helps you branch out a mostly tax-deferred portfolio.

When opting for a Roth conversion, you should always pay serious attention to know the ideal conversion amount in a given year. Not being careful might put you into a higher tax bracket. For expert professional help in regard to Roth IRA conversion, you should get in touch with the SCL Tax Services in and near Bronx, NY. Our tax professionals will help you determine how much amount to convert in a given year to maximize benefits.


Filing Taxes in Retirement

Filing taxes is not something you can avoid. When you have experienced tax professionals by your side, filing taxes in retirement will never be a challenge. At Bronx Tax Services, we provide tax preparation and tax return filing with a high level of accuracy.


Talk to an Experienced Tax Professional

If you plan for safe investments and proper budgeting of your money before and during your retirement life, you should head straight to the SCL Tax Services in the Bronx, NY. Our tax professionals provide expert retirement tax consultation and help retirees develop highly effective strategies in order to reduce tax bills and give the best protection to your retirement savings. You can talk to our experts to find out about the most tax friendly states for retirees, different types of taxes on retirement income and retirement taxes by state. Our tax-smart strategies will bring you a multitude of benefits.

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