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What to Do When You Get a Fake IRS Letter?

Fraudsters and scammers pretend to be from the IRS to steal the information and money from unsuspecting people. We observe these kinds of scams in tax season and at other times. These scams are abundant in the months leading to April’s deadline. Most of the time, telltale signs show the contact from the IRS, legitimate or not, but the most challenging part of these scams is mail scams. In this article, we’ll give you guidelines to find out whether the received letter is from the IRS or not. Do you know how to spot a fake IRS letter? Do you have a tax problem or IRS trouble? SCL tax services in & near Bronx, NY, can clarify all your questions. If you have questions about fake IRS letters or official IRS letter envelopes, our tax consultants are ready to help. Call our tax office now to get any tax help you need!

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What are mail scams?

Different types of IRS scams exist that bait the taxpayers. These days, people use the internet for almost everything. They purchase things on it, file for taxes, and make payments. The most common IRS scams are phone or email-based. Letter scams can catch you off-guard because mail is the primary way the IRS communicates with people. When you receive a letter from the IRS, it is more valuable than the other methods, and you think something important like a tax return is on the letter. Taxpayers usually pay close attention to letters from the IRS, but not all taxpayers make sure the letter is not fake. It is easier today to imitate the layouts and fonts due to the presence of many software. So, con artists can make letters very similar to IRS letters. These fraudsters usually target non-citizens who live in the USA because these people are less familiar with legitimate letters from the IRS. Fortunately, some features on the IRS letters determine the legitimacy of the letters. Some of the features are related to the content, and some others are related to format. The IRS also has valuable resources to confirm the authenticity of the letters.

Content is a good indicator

The content might be an indicator of the legitimacy of the letter. The IRS will contact you for issues like balance due, identity verification, changes on your tax return, and so on. Some people receive letters with the content of giveaways or gifts from the IRS, and they are asked to send their bank information. The IRS collects money, not gives it away, and it doesn’t want your bank info because it has all that info. If you are eligible for a tax return, the IRS will send it directly to your bank account. Tax returns sometimes occur due to some amendments in your tax payments. There are also some other types of scams. For instance, some people receive letters with an aggressive tone to pay taxes electronically. The IRS doesn’t use a bold style and informs you several times if you have any due payments. The IRS also allows you to pay in multiple ways, not only electronically. Electronic payment is the easiest way for fraudsters because checks are not receivable for individuals who are not the ones denoted. The IRS is a detailed-oriented organization that gives you instructions for answering queries. So, if you receive a vague letter without the necessary information, it is probably a scam. Bronx tax services can help you know if the IRS letter is real or fake. Our company offers various tax services, including business taxes, payroll services, tax accounting, bookkeeping services, and more. Our tax professionals can help you with issues like scam IRS letters, fake tax letters, actual IRS letter envelopes, etc. Call us at +1-347-305-4348 right now to enjoy our high-quality services!

The format is another indicator

The official IRS letters have both CP and LTR on the right corners of the top and bottom. When the notice number is not available, it’s probably a scam. It is recommended to call the IRS after receiving a letter. Give the IRS the notice or letter number. The officials will check that and tell you about the letter’s legitimacy.

How to report fraudster cases to the IRS?

You are responsible for reporting the scams to the IRS because the organization informs about the circulating scams among taxpayers. You can write these cases to TIGTA or directly to the IRS via [email protected]. These two resources give you the required instruction about the issue. They mostly want you to throw away the letter.

Other types of scam

There are various types of scams to be aware of. You might receive a phone call from someone impersonating an IRS agent. This person may utilize an aggressive tone when talking with you. The IRS won’t allow the agents to speak in such a way; therefore, be suspicious of the authenticity of that person. These individuals usually ask for your confidential or bank information. Never give out your info to these people!

Similarly, you might get an email pretending to be from the IRS asking for your personal information and threatening you with financial penalties or jail. These practices are known as phishing, and hackers try to obtain information this way. Be cautious that the first contacts from the IRS are not phone or email. The IRS always starts the conversations through letters. If you are informed about the features of actual IRS letters, you will never be deceived by IRS impersonators. So, there are clear indicators for notes from the IRS. Try to educate yourself as much as possible because educated people won’t get scammed easily. Google is your friend, and numerous websites contain information regarding these issues.

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Some practical methods to spot a fake letter

  • Most scam letters are about the current tax return when you haven’t filed it. These types of letters are scams, and you must report them instantly.
  • The legitimate letters have the IRS logo. If you receive a letter without the IRS logo, be suspicious because it’s not an actual letter from the IRS.
  • If there are grammar, punctuation, format, and spelling mistakes, be aware that the letter is not an actual one. The IRS letters are without these types of errors, and they are well-prepared.
  • If a letter wants you to pay immediately, it is not from the IRS. The high-pressure language letters are usually from fraudsters.
  • The IRS doesn’t want irregular payment options and doesn’t accept anything other than the US dollar.
  • The IRS won’t threaten you for jail or punishment, so the letters containing these types of language are not actual IRS letters.
  • The IRS letters come in an official envelope and with the logo of the IRS. Letters with simple envelopes or letters without the logo are usually scams.

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