Tax Updates for Businesses (2021)

Tax situations for all businesses are not the same. This is the reason every business needs to work out its…

May, 23 | Thomas Letizia

Tax Updates for Individuals (2021)

The last year was the year of the pandemic. The spread of the coronavirus did not just take a toll…

Apr, 20 | Thomas Letizia

What are 2021 Tax Brackets and Rates?

The tax system in the United States is a complex one. While tax is imposed both at the federal and…

Mar, 31 | Thomas Letizia

Tax Season 2021: Everything You Need to Know

The year 2020 has been a horrible one – not just because of Covid-19, but how the pandemic has affected…

Feb, 20 | Thomas Letizia

Do I Need to Work with an Accountant?

Why do a large percentage of businesses fail? Though entrepreneurs and business owners are smart people, it is impossible for…

Dec, 16 | Thomas Letizia

A Brief Guide to Tax Filing for New Business Owners

New business owners have to deal with a number of challenges as keeping the business afloat for the first few…

Oct, 17 | Thomas Letizia

Importance of Technology in Tax Resolution

Taxpayers face a wide range of tax problems. Expert help is required when these problems turn into serious issues that…

Sep, 12 | Thomas Letizia

Coronavirus Tax Relief Information

Coronavirus-affected countries across the world are dealing with a faltering economy. Not just the governments, but the common people are…

Jul, 08 | Thomas Letizia

Self Employment Tax: What You Need to Do to Avoid Problems

Payment of taxes for self-employed individuals is not the same as it is for employees. If you work on your…

Jun, 24 | Thomas Letizia

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