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Maximizing Tax Deductions for Startups Costs: Is it Possible?


Maximizing Tax Deductions for Startups Costs: Is it Possible?

Launching a successful business involves more than just passion and innovation; it requires a strategic financial approach. One often underutilized…

Dec, 24 | John B Jalaeian

Checklist for Closing Your Business

It usually takes months to close a business appropriately. Business owners must follow a plan that protects their assets, reputations,…

Nov, 17 | John B.

Home Office Deduction

Eligible taxpayers can deduct some home expenses when filing their taxes. To get this deduction, the taxpayers usually must use…

Nov, 10 | John B.

The Risks of Completing Your Own Business Taxes

Starting a new business is always challenging and has its complexities. One of these complexities is taxes, a complicated issue…

Oct, 20 | John B.

Truck Driver Taxes: What You Need to Know

Although the payment is reasonable, it is challenging to be a truck driver. Being on the road most of the…

Aug, 18 | John B.

Bookkeeping or Accounting: Which is Better?

There are subtle differences between bookkeeping and accounting, but the distinctions are essential for some people. Bookkeepers record all the…

Aug, 11 | John B.

How Will the New Tax Laws Affect Small Businesses?

Taxes are a financial burden for small businesses, and new business tax laws will directly affect the small professions. So,…

Jul, 28 | John B.

Separate Your Personal & Business Finances

Business and personal funds are two different things. Many small businesses make the mistake of keeping both the funds in…

Jul, 07 | John B.

Report Stock Investment Tax on Tax Return

If you want to build wealth and financial security, investing in stocks is a great way to do so. However…

Feb, 24 | John B.

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