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How to Avoid an IRS Audit: Tips and Defense Strategies


How to Avoid an IRS Audit: Tips and Defense Strategies

As tax season rolls around, many people start to worry about the possibility of being audited by the Internal Revenue…

May, 18 | John B.

In 2022, Educators Can Deduct Up to $300 In Expenses

The IRS has good news for teachers and educators planning for 2022; they can deduct $300 as classroom expenses when…

Sep, 15 | John B.

When Do Small Businesses Have to File Taxes?

You have various responsibilities as a business owner, and those duties never end. When you’re busy, it’s easy to miss…

Aug, 25 | John B.

Taxes in Retirement Guide

The kind of taxes you pay while you are employed will change after you retire from your full-time job or…

May, 12 | John B.

What Is a Solo 401(k)?

You need to look into the solo 401(k) if you’re self-employed and wish to save for retirement, or even if…

Apr, 28 | John B.

RMD Deadlines for Those Reaching Age 72 in 2021

The script has flipped for investors entering their seventies after decades of putting money away in tax-advantaged retirement accounts. Uncle…

Mar, 24 | John B.

Reasons to Contribute to a Health Savings Account

You might have heard this question many times: How does an HSA work when I go to the doctor? Well,…

Jan, 06 | John B

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